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March 2017 Newsletter...

In this edition, we look at unique instillations we have done the past year. We also celebrate Sarah's wedding.


Go Green with Print and Stick

The Regina Quick Center went eco-friendly by using Print and Stick material for their "Green Revolution" exhibition. Minimizing the impact on the environment, exhibition space and installation time, this is the solution for vibrant colors, ease of application and removal without damage to the exhibition "environment".

Regina Quick Center for the Arts

Castle of Chillon, Evening

This work by Gustave Courbet is one of the works displayed in the rooms at The Hotel at Oberlin, located on Oberlin College's campus. To see this and other works from the Allen Memorial Art Museum, check in to this great hotel or view the collection on RequestAPrint.

The Hotel at Oberlin

Don Wright, Watercolor and Airbrush Artist

Check out Art75, a division of RequestAPrint. We work with the best individual artists to provide the best reproductions.

Don Wright, gallery

Official Photographs

We are pleased to provide the official portraits of Bishop George Murry (Diocese of Youngstown, OH) and Bishop Thomas Tobin (Diocese of Providence, RI).

Bishop George Murry Portraits
Bishop Thomas Tobin Portraits

Neomed Commencement

Commencement Photographs are now online. Congratulations to the class of 2016. We would like to thank to everyone at the Northeast Ohio Medical University, E. J. Thomas Hall and especially the Graduates for the opportunity to provide these services.



Photographs from the commencement on May 27, 2016 are now online. We would like to congratulate the graduates and thank everyone for working with us.....


Journey to Freedom...

Another great season is coming up for the Youngstown Symphony. Reserve your season tickets now. It doesn't get better than this.....


Our Third Newsletter...

We made it to number three! This issue simplifies "color perception". Remember, this is the best time of year for aerial photographs.


Cherry Blossom Festival

Sometimes you can be just moved to take a picture. This was just the perfect day at a beautiful place. Here's a link to a higher resolution image. - Joe


Art 75

A new look for the RequestAPrint website that showcases contemporary artists.


Our Second Newsletter...

We made it through the second newsletter.and we decided to add a tech topic on questions we are frequently asked. This issue simplifies "digital resolution". If there is something you would like included let us know.


Backlight Displays...

Yes we do them, and they are dramatic. They really make the image "pop" and are sure to grab attention. Contact us for more information and pricing.


Our First Newsletter...

As a way of keeping in touch and letting you know what we've been doing, we decided to produce a quarterly newsletter. We hope you enjoy it.


Window Perf.

If you are looking for a great material that can be applied to windows allowing you to see out, while presenting your message outside, we got you covered.


Palmer Museum of Art - Update

Penn State University has just updated RequestAPrint with over 100 new images . Florals, Japanese woodcuts and Old Masters are a few of the new offerings.


New Construction and Renovations

Our experience shows when you need to make your properties look their best... and in a timely fashion.


And Nature Whispers His Name
- Frank Romeo

Frank Romeo is Villa Maria Director of Land Management emeritus. This work reflects on the seasons, the soil and the Spirit. It is available as audio cd or 60 page booklet from the Villa Maria gift shop or Rudinec & Associates.


US Navy Art Collection - Update

We just updated RequestAPrint with 73 new images. See the latest works by Morgan Wilbur and Khrisopher Battles.


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